Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Years Writing Goals

Well it is a new yea and for writers everywhere its time to think about new writing goals. Thanks to The Write Practice, my favorite writing go to for all things writing site, I began thinking about what my new year writing goals were. After reading their latest post "11 Reasons you need to write a book Now"  Which you can find here . I began thinking of what I wanted to accomplish as a writer.

While I have a few books already written and on Amazon, I want to do more and add to my collection,  stretch my knowledge and see where else my writing can go. I have at least 33 stories written and only a handful completed, there are other stories I wanna tell. My problem is they all want to be told . I have placed them all in a hat and drew one or two out and while that worked then its time to select something to do this year. And this time I am going to finish the story, as well as engage in other writing practices like taking classes or workshops to help enhance my writing.

 I have always believed if you stop learning you stop . Period.  So I am not going to stop learning.   After looking through the many stories I have there are only a few that are complete first drafts. One of those is entitled Abandoned Car. The idea first came to me when I was in high school. Years later I took the story out and began editing it thus changing the name to Mistaken Identity which would be part one of a two part story. So the stories I think I am going to work on  now are as follows


 One story I want to tell is how I survived child abuse and how that led to who I am now.

Two is how recent events in my life over the last year changed my life.


 (inspired by true life events)

Working title Jason and Lisa  Crime story

 Mistaken Identity pt 1
 Family heirloom  pt 2 
 and Cameras View murder mystery

Now to put these on my calendar as well as let others know about them.

If you read this and want to know how I am doing or want to add your own writing goals please leave a comment,

Thanks,  till next time

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