Monday, January 23, 2017

From Future learn assignments Finding a Voice

Her background

January 16, 2017

Emma said that…. “often times the attics of empty abandoned homes held the most treasure.” If you were quiet long enough she continued talking. “You never know what you would find if you explored them after buying them.” She knew this to be fact because when she bought her place that was the first thing she explored- the attic.
     End of assignment. But continuing on my own

Seems Emma had been in this small quaint town for most of her life and she knew everyone or made it her business to know them. She was sorta the town historian…. But to the tourists she was just nosy. Always waiting at the dock as the fairy came in with a new group. She said she was the welcoming committee but after a few complains the mayor was getting ready to put a stop to her being there or at the very least curb her questions by having someone go with her from his office to stop her when she went too far.

Emma was born in this town and lived here all of her life. She was the one who saw to it her parents saw a proper burial. Then she moved into their house, selling hers. She wanted to be close to them and this was the only way she knew to do that.

She never married and most who knew of her wondered why. She would laugh and saw there was no one who came close to being like her daddy, and she stopped looking after a while. A Year after her parents died those closest to her had begun to get worried because she was now becoming depressed more and more. Never wanting to get out of bed or go anywhere. Even those who ran the fairy bringing the tourists to and fro missed seeing her.

Joan, who had been her best friend since grade school, knew how much she missed her parents when they died. But it wasn’t until Emma’s neighbor saw her at the café later that week did she know how bad it had affected her. As she sat in the café sipping her first cup of coffee she reflected back on what she had heard. Joan wondered how she was going to talk with her friend about what she heard. She knew he friend would listen out of loyalty, shoot maybe she really didn’t know where to turn or what to do.

After all, if it was her, she would hope someone cared enough to say something.

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