Friday, January 6, 2017

My Phrase for the New Year

As I sit here sipping my first cup of coffee I reflect back over last year and the many things that happened. None of them I would wish on anyone. Divorce surgery death relocation starting over. But then isnt that what we do New Year?  Start over often with new goals, new people in our lives new places.

For some they begin making these plans these goals these resolutions just after Christmas or shortly  after. Then on January 1st they start talking about them. Well for me that time of year was too fast and filled with other things I just didn’t have any time to start a list. Yet I knew what I wished would change but was unable to get them down on paper. Now a week into the new year I am putting them on here.

I only have one real goal, and that is to pick one of the 33 plus stories i have started and stay with it until I finish it. So as I look through them I carefully read each one and see which one moves me which one is one I am interested in staying with until the end?  

I have 3 first drafts that have ‘the end’  written on them and of those there is one I want to work on until complete.  Then I will move to the next one and so on.

The author of one of the blog’s I follow doesn’t make resolutions instead she chooses a word or phrase  for the year and then works  with that word in mind. So I think I am going to try and do that this year. So after much thought my word is….. Either complete or finish. By the end of the day I will choose  But this can be turned into  a phrase by saying “ I am going to pick one story and complete it until it is finished!”

Actually that sounds good,,,” This year I am going to seriously look through my stories and choose the one that I want to work with and stay with until I finish it and it is complete.” Thats a rather long sentence but it is a declaration… I am  going to choose a story and continue to work on it until I finish and complete it  so it sports the words  “ The End” at the end. Now to figure out which one. Stay tuned for the name of that story.

Thank you Kelly  Exeter for her idea you  will find her  blog here 

May your pen remained filled with ink so you can write your story.
Until Next Time……


  1. So thrilled for you Deb. Making the intention to finish one of those stories of your is so energising. I hope it powers you through your year in a beautiful and satisfying way - and helps you close the book on a challenging 2016 xxx

    1. Thanks Kelly for stopping by and saying hi! The fun part is figuring out which one really moves me more than the other, because they are all screaming finish me.