Monday, December 18, 2017

Sorry I have been away

There have been lots of things that have kept me from here. Family death, moving divorce, regrouping finding myself lost and not knowing where to turn or what to do. But thanks to a vblog on you tube I found myself inspired to write again. I will be revamping this blog as well as Connecting to the soul and start 2018 new and fresh.  Hope you will join me in the new year. see you next year.... Well maybe not that long, but I will be working on a few stories to publish here next year hope to see you there.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

What's in a name

When I named this blog I didn't  realize how true it was.  I have been a quiet writer for a while. And that I am sorry. Right now I am busy editing a ghost story called Marla the Ghost writer book one of a (hopefully) 4 book series. But I can only write and edit one book at a time Right? 

The book I am currently writing right now  is called Airport Layover. But that title WILL CHANGE after writing. It's a rewrite of a story I wrote years ago called secrets. As I write this newer one I am seeing that Secrets is the back story of this one. Which is perfect for this story. When I get stuck on the current one I can refer to the older one to add to this one. Can you say Perfect?  

By the end of this month that book will be ready to be sent to bata readers and others to edit it so I can get it ready for publication.

I will be back with an update soon.


Monday, January 23, 2017

From Future learn assignments Finding a Voice

Her background

January 16, 2017

Emma said that…. “often times the attics of empty abandoned homes held the most treasure.” If you were quiet long enough she continued talking. “You never know what you would find if you explored them after buying them.” She knew this to be fact because when she bought her place that was the first thing she explored- the attic.
     End of assignment. But continuing on my own

Seems Emma had been in this small quaint town for most of her life and she knew everyone or made it her business to know them. She was sorta the town historian…. But to the tourists she was just nosy. Always waiting at the dock as the fairy came in with a new group. She said she was the welcoming committee but after a few complains the mayor was getting ready to put a stop to her being there or at the very least curb her questions by having someone go with her from his office to stop her when she went too far.

Emma was born in this town and lived here all of her life. She was the one who saw to it her parents saw a proper burial. Then she moved into their house, selling hers. She wanted to be close to them and this was the only way she knew to do that.

She never married and most who knew of her wondered why. She would laugh and saw there was no one who came close to being like her daddy, and she stopped looking after a while. A Year after her parents died those closest to her had begun to get worried because she was now becoming depressed more and more. Never wanting to get out of bed or go anywhere. Even those who ran the fairy bringing the tourists to and fro missed seeing her.

Joan, who had been her best friend since grade school, knew how much she missed her parents when they died. But it wasn’t until Emma’s neighbor saw her at the café later that week did she know how bad it had affected her. As she sat in the café sipping her first cup of coffee she reflected back on what she had heard. Joan wondered how she was going to talk with her friend about what she heard. She knew he friend would listen out of loyalty, shoot maybe she really didn’t know where to turn or what to do.

After all, if it was her, she would hope someone cared enough to say something.

From Future learn... Radio Story

His background

January 16, 2017

“The rain is coming down tonight… I am smiling. But why am I smiling, I hate rain. Because with it comes possible lightning and thunder and other things that you cannot see in the dark.  As I think about it I have not liked rain since I was a kid.”

“But why Jackie what is it really about rain that scares you?” The woman said sitting in the chair next to me. “After all rain does help trees, flowers, and grass grow.  And it keeps the dust on windy days from blowing everywhere making it hard to see.”

“Alright several good points. I don’t know what it is about these days that bother me, they just do.”

“Okay so they bother you, but every time it rains you fall apart and call me the next day. Don’t you want to not do that? Don’t you want to…”

“Are you saying you would rather me not call when these days happen?” Jackie said sitting up now looking at the woman.

“No not at all but wouldn’t you rather not have to call because you don’t fear it anymore? You have no idea what a relief it is to face a fear because you have learned to overcome it.” She answered setting her pen on the notepad she had been writing on. 

After a moment of thought Jackie sat back exhaling. “Well yea of course but I don’t see how I can overcome this fear I have of rain.”

‘You can’t see how right now because all you know is fear. But once you start work on conquering it, it will not control you.”  The woman said sounding rather sure that this would be the case. How did she know?

For a moment we just sat in silence. I don’t know why she was quiet but I found myself thinking how nice it would be to overcome this problem. She may have been quiet allowing me time to contemplate whether I wanted to get rid of this fear or not. It would be nice to not be afraid when it rained.

Since I was unaware of just how much time had passed, she spoke up softly so as not to startle me in case I was deep in thought.  “We have 10 more minutes can you share what you have been thinking?

After a moment more I just looked up and into her eyes “what makes you think I was thinking of anything?” 

“You look like you were far away and lost in thought.”

“Oh okay. Well I was just having a conversation with myself about this fear about the rain. How can I be in the line of work I’m in if I can’t leave my house when it threatens to rain.”

She looked back over her notes. “ I can’t find it off hand what do you do for a living?”

“I am an exterminator. I am supposed to eliminate unwanted pests.”

End of assignment

Stories... inspired by futurelearn

Good Evening everyone  so glad you stopped by. I originally created a specific website for these however what ever could go wrong did. It was more trouble posting a story each week than I thought. And suddenly it dawned on me I had a blag for stories already created soooo um why not use it?  So the following stories and entries will be the stories which were inspired by the course I am taking.  We are currently in week 3. So there will be3 new pieces.  With just a touch is going to be a short story. But there will be a few entries that there will be other stories between the story "With just a touch but they will be marked.

I hope you enjoy these stories and story starters that we were asked to do and come back time and time again.


Friday, January 6, 2017

My Phrase for the New Year

As I sit here sipping my first cup of coffee I reflect back over last year and the many things that happened. None of them I would wish on anyone. Divorce surgery death relocation starting over. But then isnt that what we do New Year?  Start over often with new goals, new people in our lives new places.

For some they begin making these plans these goals these resolutions just after Christmas or shortly  after. Then on January 1st they start talking about them. Well for me that time of year was too fast and filled with other things I just didn’t have any time to start a list. Yet I knew what I wished would change but was unable to get them down on paper. Now a week into the new year I am putting them on here.

I only have one real goal, and that is to pick one of the 33 plus stories i have started and stay with it until I finish it. So as I look through them I carefully read each one and see which one moves me which one is one I am interested in staying with until the end?  

I have 3 first drafts that have ‘the end’  written on them and of those there is one I want to work on until complete.  Then I will move to the next one and so on.

The author of one of the blog’s I follow doesn’t make resolutions instead she chooses a word or phrase  for the year and then works  with that word in mind. So I think I am going to try and do that this year. So after much thought my word is….. Either complete or finish. By the end of the day I will choose  But this can be turned into  a phrase by saying “ I am going to pick one story and complete it until it is finished!”

Actually that sounds good,,,” This year I am going to seriously look through my stories and choose the one that I want to work with and stay with until I finish it and it is complete.” Thats a rather long sentence but it is a declaration… I am  going to choose a story and continue to work on it until I finish and complete it  so it sports the words  “ The End” at the end. Now to figure out which one. Stay tuned for the name of that story.

Thank you Kelly  Exeter for her idea you  will find her  blog here 

May your pen remained filled with ink so you can write your story.
Until Next Time……

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Years Writing Goals

Well it is a new yea and for writers everywhere its time to think about new writing goals. Thanks to The Write Practice, my favorite writing go to for all things writing site, I began thinking about what my new year writing goals were. After reading their latest post "11 Reasons you need to write a book Now"  Which you can find here . I began thinking of what I wanted to accomplish as a writer.

While I have a few books already written and on Amazon, I want to do more and add to my collection,  stretch my knowledge and see where else my writing can go. I have at least 33 stories written and only a handful completed, there are other stories I wanna tell. My problem is they all want to be told . I have placed them all in a hat and drew one or two out and while that worked then its time to select something to do this year. And this time I am going to finish the story, as well as engage in other writing practices like taking classes or workshops to help enhance my writing.

 I have always believed if you stop learning you stop . Period.  So I am not going to stop learning.   After looking through the many stories I have there are only a few that are complete first drafts. One of those is entitled Abandoned Car. The idea first came to me when I was in high school. Years later I took the story out and began editing it thus changing the name to Mistaken Identity which would be part one of a two part story. So the stories I think I am going to work on  now are as follows


 One story I want to tell is how I survived child abuse and how that led to who I am now.

Two is how recent events in my life over the last year changed my life.


 (inspired by true life events)

Working title Jason and Lisa  Crime story

 Mistaken Identity pt 1
 Family heirloom  pt 2 
 and Cameras View murder mystery

Now to put these on my calendar as well as let others know about them.

If you read this and want to know how I am doing or want to add your own writing goals please leave a comment,

Thanks,  till next time