Monday, December 1, 2014

The Red Chair Chapter 2

Walking into my house with the chair in tow I quickly found a place that was similar to where the chair rested in my grandma’s home. The color matched my decor as if it was meant to go there. After everyone went to bed I was faced to face with the chair and the memories that it evoked. As I stood there facing the chair a smile soon crossed my face as visions of my grandma appeared sitting in the chair.
She looked the same as she did when I last saw her, with short greying curls soft eyes and a smile.  She wore house slippers a blouse she had made and a pair of blue slakes. As I stood there she was looking right at me.  “Well don’t just stand there child come take a seat.” Her arms were outstretched as she waited.

Not knowing what else to do I stepped closer and took a seat at her feet as I did so many times growing up, and the moment I did I was transported back to my childhood.

“It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other, what brings you back now?”

“I’ve been sent to give you a message.”

 “Really? What about?” I drew the footstool closer and waited for her to continue.

“This.” I followed my grandma’s arm as she pointed to the couch.
Before my eyes I saw a woman holding a baby. “That’s you as you started your life.” My grandma continued as the scenes came and went. There were scenes such as parental divorce, some bullying, bad decisions which led to unwanted pregnancies or miscarriages, fear of telling your parents about what’s going on in your life. Even the abuse by boyfriends, and other minor things that brought you here.” Your grandma continued.

“But what does that have to do with the message you have for me now?”

“Because you have been wondering why you are experiencing these things. Because God has great plans for you. Read Jeremiah 29:11 ‘God tells you that he knows the plans he has for you to do good and not harm.’ So just regardless of what happens in your life, God will use it for His glory. When your time comes to help others you will have an idea of what others have been thru and be the one to step in where no one else can.  Just have faith.

 Moments later the image of her grandma vanished and she was again alone in her living room with the thoughts she was left with.

Question for readers. If you would like to see a chapter 3 with stories of how She helps others please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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